Gifts for the Blind

Came across these wonderful pieces by Erica Anenberg on Nice simple jewelry with Braille writing make thoughtful gifts for anyone, and even more symbolic and meaningful if you just happen to have a special person in your life that happens to be blind. All retail for under $100 on

Love at First Sight Braille Ring - Erica AnenbergLove is Blind Braille Ring

Love is Blind Braille Pendant Necklace - Erica AnenbergLove at First Sight Braille Pendant NecklaceSee No Evil Braille Bracelet


4 responses to “Gifts for the Blind

  1. Wonderful jewelry but you’ve misspelled the word!
    The reading system for the blind is named for the blind Frenchman who invented it, Louis Braille:

    Thought you’d like to know.
    Best wishes,

  2. I think you’ll find her name is Marsia

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