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Travel Attire

I came across this wardrobe stylist named Dawn del Russo and she has an amazing blog and YouTube channel.  As I am leaving on an aeroplane within a few hours, I wanted to share this particular vlog with my readers! Enjoy!

find more at


Luxe City Guides

Luxe City Guides

I’m taking off to Europe on Monday and look what I got! Super cool, super graphic, super chic and trendy Luxe City Guides. Self explanatory, your luxe guide to whatever city.

Stay tuned because I’ll be tweeting up from Paris Couture Fashion Week (among other stops on my excursion).

Lanvin Playing Cards!

Lanvin Faces Playing CardsAMAZING! Available on Net-a-Porter!

Top Etsy Picks for 2011

Novel Couture Etsy Picks Seal of Approval

We want to know who your top Etsy fashion and lifestyle picks are for 2011! Fashion, jewelry, vintage, accessories, home? What top Etsy shops do you just heart? Do you have a unique and successful Etsy shop? Let us know! We want your submissions and your opinions!

Leave a comment with shop link, Tweet up, or email us directly!

We hope to compile a list of our Top 10 for 2011 and establish a monthly posting of top Etsy shops! All will be considered!

Top 10 Fashion Blogs

Top 10 Fashion Blogs as told by Novel Couture [in no particular order]

Lula Magazine Scrapbook

NY Mag: The Cut

The Satorialist

I am a Greedy Girl


Garance Dore

Painfully Hip

Slaves to Fashion

Stockholm Street Style

Style Rookie

Suggestions? Add you two cents.

Saving Like a French Woman

Photo Credit - Bill DiodatoI recently found this interesting article on written by Janine di Giovanni. I personally have developed similar shopping habbits – i.e. investing solely in quality items and those pieces that sing to my heart vs buying quantity. A good read for those looking to build a wardrobe  and credit as opposed to slaving to trends and debt.

How to Save Like French Women.

Featured eBoutique: The Urban Apparel

If you are looking for fashion foward finds that are a little off-beat, then is the e-boutique for you! Edgey and unique, TUA features both women’s and men’s fashions and accessories.