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What to wear to an interview

Today I have a meeting with a high-end jewelry designer whose pieces retail in the thousands. Needless to say, nothing in my personal collection holds a candle to this specific jewelry designer’s work.  Now, the typical rule of thumb when meeting with a certain fashion brand you wish to make a good impression on is to wear their product… not happening.

So what does one wear?! I’ve thought about it and came to the conclusion that one should wear her best vintage pieces.  Reason being:

1) Although you are not wearing the brand, you are also not wearing any competition.
2) Vintage pieces tend to be eye-catching and have personality.
3) Wearing vintage is environmentally AND socially sound. Therefore, if the particular brand you were meeting with emphasizes eco and socially friendly production methods, you wouldn’t be offending them by wearing something that potentially came from dirty or conflict oriented mines.

With that said, I’m sharing some lovely pieces with you that I feel would make excellent impressions under the given circumstances.

Vintage Boucher Bird EarringsVintage Miriam Haskell Bracelet

Vintage Hobe Pendant Necklace


Kay Adams is Off-The-Wall!

Kay Adams is Off the Wall 

I think we can all agree that there is nothing like a great vintage discovery. Well, stylistas, let me re-introduce you to Kay Adams (as a follow up to our previous posting on Kay’s editorial exclusive). All of Kay’s pieces are hand-crafted from genuine vintage pieces and are true one-of-a-kinds in the WORLD. 

I personally like the edgy darkness of “Morticia’s Garden” as well as the exotic avant garde nature of “Sally Meander”. They both sing to my soul. 

Kay Adams Official Site Kay Adams Morticia's Garden Kay Adams Sally Meandor Kay Adams Eden's Garden Kay Adams InaDaliDaVida Kay Adams Untitled [Heart of Africa] Meow! Kay Adams is Cool!